How much fabric do I need?
Generally, one metre or one yard is enough fabric to make a pair of full-length leggings, and have some left over to colour block on your next pair! Take note of the fabric width listed on the product description - most of our fabrics are 150cm wide, although some are not as wide. 

How much fabric can I buy?
We measure in units of 50cm (the mimimum purchase is 50cm). So you could buy 0.5m, or 1m, or 1.5m, and so on. Should you wish to buy more than 5m, please contact hello@sewactivefabrics.com.au to arrange a postage cost quote. All purchases are cut in one continuous length - if you put 3 x 0.5m in your cart, we'll cut a 1.5m length of fabric. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Sew Active Fabrics is able to ship internationally to some countries. Check out our Shipping Page for more info. 

Do I need special equipment to sew your fabric?
Absolutely not. If your domestic machine can do a zig-zag stitch, all you need is a ball-point or jersey needle and you are good to go. If you have a serger or coverstitch machine, you've probably skipped over this question already!

What is 4-way and 2-way stretch? How can I tell the difference?
The term '4-way stretch' refers to fabric that stretches in 4 directions - up/down and left/right. Lycra, spandex, and supplex are all fabrics with 4-way stretch. Our Compression Spandex and Quick-Dry Cooling fabrics are 4-way stretch. 
When a fabric has '2-way stretch' it only stretches in one direction - either up/down OR left/right, but not both. Many cotton jerseys and stretch wovens will only have 2-way stretch. Generally, 2-way stretch is not suitable for activewear, although there are some patterns designed specifically for 2-way stretch fabrics. 

What does 'stretch percentage' mean?
Stretchy fabric has a limit to it's stretchy-ness. Most patterns will recommend a certain amount of stretch, such as 50% or 70%. The stretchier your fabric, the looser your fit will be. You can measure your stretch by pulling a fold of fabric along a ruler and noting how far it will go. If it stretches from 10cm to 15cm, it has 50% stretch. You can find some great tutorials for working this out here and here.  

Will you be offering other fabrics and prints?
Yes! We intend to keep our collection fresh by bringing in new prints and colors on a seasonal basis, as well as trying new fabrics and researching new technology to bring you the best products we can. Why not sign up to the newsletter so you can find out all about our new products?

Are the colours in your product photos accurate?                                     Sew Active Fabrics makes a big effort to take pictures that clearly and accurately show the colours of our fabrics and notions. However, computer monitors and browsers display colours differently, so there may be small variations from what you see and the actual colour of a fabric. If you need an exact shade in a fabric, please get in touch; we’re happy to send a small sample.

Can I buy a gift card for Sew Active Fabrics?
At the moment we're not set up for buying a gift card from the store, but send me an email hello@sewactivefabrics.com.au (or just use the Contact Page) and we'll see what we can do!

I'm a designer and want to start my own activewear line. Can you supply fabric for me?
Sorry, but no - we're a retail store, so we're not in a position to help you out with wholesale enquiries.

Can I visit your warehouse?
We're online only - we don't have a warehouse or shopfront. We're happy to send fabric samples if there's something in particular you are looking for, send us an email hellow@sewactivefabrics.com.au and we'll help you out.