Who is Sew Active Fabrics?

When a nasty injury took me out of the competitive karate circuit, I was at a loss. With restrictions to my activity and training, I had plenty of time to get stuck into my other obsession - sewing. 

I started a Youtube channel (you might know me as Sewing From The Stash) and was enjoying myself immensely, babbling on about all my makes... but there seemed to be something else I was chasing. I loved fabric shopping (well, who doesn't?) and was really increasing my knowledge of sewing with stretch fabric; but I found myself on the hunt for quality stretch fabrics - nylon lycra was just not giving me the results I was looking for. 

After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that I was not the only person suffering from the lack of availability of decent sport fabric. Activewear patterns were popping up all over the world, but high-tech fabrics still seemed to be the domain of the big sports brands. What fabric I did find was scanty on the information side, too - 'sport spandex' or 'sport lycra' were the main descriptors.  Was it wicking? did it have UPF? was polyester better than nylon? 

I made some contacts in the textile business through an acquaintance, and had a couple of meetings and email conversations; and then, after much deliberation (and financial consideration!) started the process of building an online shop!

Although we are in the very early days at the moment, I hope to build a boutique collection of beautiful, quality fabrics for all the fitness-loving sewists out there!

Sew forth and conquer!


PS. I'll keep you posted on my knee-rehab too - I plan to be back in competition in 2018!